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The Perfectly Polished team is dedicated to making social, profession, and etiquette education fun and enjoyable.It's your story and you are the brand. Keep the big picture in mind, see every job and task as an opportunity to grow, and use social media wisely.

About Perfectly Polished

Perfectly Polished, The Etiquette School was founded in 1986 in Athens, Georgia.  The original mission of the school was to educate young people in manners and leadership. As Perfectly Polished grew, so did their mission. Their focus has expanded to include collegian, corporate and resort training.

Perfectly Polished, Inc. The Etiquette School recognizes the value of individual excellence and is devoted to the promotion of confidence, leadership, and Social Intelligence.

The Experts

Debra and April
are Master Teachers.

Through humor, laughter, and engaging communication, these two Etiquette Gurus change have fifty years of combined experience Coaching and Teaching Manners, Etiquette, Leadership and Character.

A weekend resort plus Masters Golf plus manners Queens

Our Team

We are in the business of changing lives.
Debra Lassiter is the queen of etiquette, professionalism, and relationships.
Debra Lassiter
Co-Owner, Etiquette Extraordinaire

Debra is the Business Executive and the creator of Perfectly Polished.  She establishes the expectation and exemplifies these standards everyday.  Debra sets the bar high for those she coaches and expects in return the standards are never deviated from. There are no exceptions. With a smile on her face and love in her heart she will never compromise on her level of success. She truly believes that everyone is capable of living a life well “polished.” Thirty five years of interacting with society makes her the Social Rule Enforcer. Debra grew up in Athens and is proud to still call the city her home.

April McLean
Co-Owner, Creative Manager

April is always looking for new and innovative ways to communicate etiquette and manners. April grew up in a very small rural town of Millen, GA. She brings a twist of Deep South antics to a stereotypically dry and boring subjects. While Debra holds tight to Etiquette Expectations, April tends to find the realistic and believable approaches to life’s circumstances.  Married with two grown boys, April knows that sometimes there just has to be compromise.

“On behalf of the GSLT Board, thank you for “polishing” our students and giving them the skills they need to be successful!”

Nancy W.

“The reviews had so many stars. We were impressed.”

Bella Ridley

“Georgia State University Athletics wanted to thank you again for everything that you have done for us in making our etiquette dinner a great success. All of our student-athletes in attendance had a great time; they mentioned that they all learned a lot of new things that are going to be very beneficial to them in the very near future.”

Tim Cofield

“We are very appreciative of you continued support to the brotherhood of Phi Gamma Delta. Each pledge class is grateful to be able to experience your grace and furthermore, your patience year after year. Our thanks and gratitude for your time, as always it is well spent.”

The Brothers of Phi Gamma Delta

“Saturday night, my daughter beamed throughout the Spring Formal. Afterwards she said, ‘This was the best night of my life! I’ll have fun at all the other dances, but my first dance will always be special.’ Thank you for providing such a ‘perfect’ Perfectly Polished memory!”


“Thank you so much for teaching me all the social skills I have put to use in the past 5 years since I left Athens for college. Not only did the dancing skills take me far in school, but the etiquette you instilled in me has served me well in the ‘real world.'”

Jesse Bowen

“On behalf of the GSLT Board, thank you for “polishing” our students and giving them the skills they need to be successful!”

Nancy W.


Based in Athens, GA, home of the University of Georgia, for 36 years, we are well versed in the needs of college students and how to bridge the gap into powerful professionalism.


We work with business professionals to ensure that Social Intelligence becomes second nature to your entire team. We are able to customize our programs to exactly what you need, making sure your team is as professional as ever.


Drawn together by discovery, team training is based around creating memorable conversations, inspiring co-working, and delighting in others accomplishments.
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Business made social: collegiate sororities learn about the 9 Concepts of Social Intelligence, dining etiquette, networking & communication, and interviewing & branding
“You'll never meet a team as passionate, energetic, and knowledgeable about social intelligence as Debra & April.”
Sarah Carpenter

We have so much to teach you!